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Accept and deny orders , automation, extra options

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this will be a timer saver for all gig sellers

when you receive a new order your timer starts ticking… you have 20 in que also and more orders are coming and they start to tick tick tick , sellers starts panicking…

simple solution <<<<<<<<<

when received a new order they stay in pending mode the seller then can accept or deny it , if accepted then timer starts and if denied then buyyers gets refund automatically.


extra features

blacklist users

select a username or copy and paste and blacklist it , when any orders come from blacklisted users auto deny it or keep it on pending which ever , seller has the option to decide.


disallow links ?

disallow 3rd party links in private message and accept fiverr links only


deny vpn users to visit fiverr

this will be a big benifit to everyone why because people from asia and other countries will fake there registration and country to make people think they are from uk or usa , also will try to use forged cc

deny proxies to


allowing options to add t.o.s to each gig

with this feature each gig will have a option to add your own t.o.s about your gig explaining everything in detail

this will shake some buys that try and scam you , people that wants more then $5

any problems just show them the t.o.s , it will shake them am sure they will be tut tut tut.


Auto ban for spam

with this feature anybody that abuse the service such as spamming via private message specially when sending out attachment’s that wants users to redirect to another site or click a link , there account should go under review from there staff can either ban or take other actions , this can be automated.

attachments and strings inside them can be ( read ) by Regular expression which is very powerful to detect strings.


allow embedding of youtube videos for longer length video’s to be shown to clients

allow youtube videos to be embedded replacing the current gig video

1: allow youtube video link to be added

videos go under review before its shown live to public.


extending gig extra $$$$$$$$$$ amount from $40 to custom

it will be a good idea to have ( $40 usd ) replaced with ( custom ) option to be added so we can add our own price some gigs or most gigs we create are so hard to make , it will be good to put up our own price.


Late delivery

am sure all sellers have seen late delivery page timer has stopped ticking… read text ( Late )

it will be great if they allowed extra 1 hour time or so.


sellers notebox

this is a similar feature to ( admin notes ) am not sure everybody knows this , this is an option for all sellers to have a large textbox just like a notepad inside your control panel store your own notes about your sales , so you dont forget anything.


ratings… everybody wants this , IIIIIIIIIIIII Want this

this is a automated module that will do everything on its own read below…

you get an order , you have done a professional job & deliver the job on time , customer returns leaves a negative feedback

that’s it lol you rating has dropped from 100% to 99% ? easy and friendly solution to this is

refund the aggressive user and the system will automatically remove the feedback from that user giving you your rating back.

additional options can be added to this to add this user to your blacklist so you never wish to serve him again.

i think this is only 1 solution to save your rating from users that trying to break you apart , il rather give them the $5 then having my rating’s drop who agrees


portfolio blog’s for sellers

since fiverr does not allow links in your gigs that re-directs to your blog or site it will be good to have an option to create a small blog page for each seller within the fiverr site , it will allow us to add many images , videos etc customers will have so much choice rather then just looking at your ( 20 ) gigs and ignoring it.

1: customers will se the portfolio link and browse through all the work that seller has to offer.


html wysiwyg editor for description

a simple wysiwyg editor will be good to add stylish description. , having most of the html tags that harm the site disabled.


please feel free to check my gigs


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Reply to @imrobertson: your orders will not site around.

benefits for seller

1: his reputation being ruined for wrong orders being placed , lots of cancellation’s

all orders new orders that come flying in starts ticking if you have 200 orders and more and more coming and all them start to tick what will anybody do ??

you fill in the blanks here because i dont know what ill do i am not a robot so as others.

as from your question you said you dont want your orders to be sat around.

it will not once order is placed the seller will be notified about your order and he will take action from there , most of the high rated sellers respond fast so there is no need for you to worry.

customers will se a message ( order pending ) ( order accept ) message from there control panel .

this is just a simple solution for all sellers that will save allot of time and prevent anybody to ruin good sellers reputation

this is a suggestion giving them ideas this method can be added to the site at the time they make this they will consider adding many options to this 😉 dont worry

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ilovecustomers said: when received a new order they stay in pending mode the seller then can accept or deny it , if accepted then timer starts and if denied then buyyers gets refund automatically.


I completely disagree with this idea. As a 200+ gig buyer, I wouldn't like the idea of waiting to see if a seller wants to work with me or not. If your service is active on fiverr, then you must offer it as per your gig description. If you can't offer it, then use vacation mode (the exact reason it was created).


However, I certainly do agree with the 'blacklist' idea, as well as the different gig extra integers. It'd be great to set gig extras in $5 increments.


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