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The perfect place to be


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… Now, this may sound weird, but I’ve been up and down my house deciding on the best place to Freelance from!

Long story, very short! - I had a Promotional Merchandise business for 10 years before getting out and doing what I do best… design!

I worked in an office, 9-5, and hated every second.

I then worked from home (having got rid of that business) and I’ve had 12 months of ‘home work’… so in order:

  1. I had a conservatory built, which was ‘OK’ for the summer (UK).

  2. Started working from the laptop in PJ’s… (Was this a good idea!!!)

  3. Upgraded to Sky Boxsets and yes, that was a good idea!

  4. Now work from 7am till 4pm (put the dinner on) and the work from 8pm till 11pm - all on laptop so all good!

    Is that the perfect pace to be?

    In terms of Music : http://somafm.com/secretagent/

    Nothing better!


SomaFM: Listener Supported, Commercial Free Internet Radio


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