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Clear timings for fiverr revenues

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I suggest that fiverr should decrease the clearence timings for the revenues… as 1 order takes 10+ days to clear for just 4 dollars -,-

its too much time to wait for !!


fiverr should add some good theme to their site

Make some changes in their site

Add more features

And increase the price for each gig to 6 dollars, as 1 dollar is fiverr fees, the earner just gets 4 dollars

Hope all of you like my suggetions

Let me know your down in those comments

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I agree with the clearance, it should take 5 days for the money to clear, not 10 or 14 (forgot the right number). However, I can understand their rationale, some buyers disappear after you deliver the work, so Fiverr wants to give them time to review their orders and post a review or demand a cancellation.

I disagree with "increase the price to $6), it’s an ugly number, I’ve seen Fiverr clones with barely any traffic where the starting gig is $6, $7, you can even sell for $20 if you want to, but nobody’s buying.

Fiverr could decrease their commission from $1 to $0.50, but I suspect there will always be people that say “that’s too much.” So let’s just hope they don’t increase their commission. CafePress created a lot of negative publicity after they decided they would pay sellers 10% of their t-shirts instead of allowing sellers to have markups. Things may have changed now, but back then the seller that was making $5 to $10 per t-shirt same himself making $1.89 or $0.45 depending on the price of his item. Some people that were making a living with CafePress had to find full-time jobs or go to other websites.

Online companies need to find the right balance to keep their clients happy. Amazon is a great example, the Fire TV they sell comes with a remote control with the batteries included. Why? Because buyers hate getting something and having to leave the house to buy batteries. Make people’s life easier, don’t take too much, and you’ll be a great business.

I think Fiverr is a great business, and I’m grateful for being allowed to make money and keep myself debt free and sometimes buy stuff.

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