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Anybody else experiencing a drop in their sales?


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I mostly do transcription, VA work, and for nearly two weeks my sales have dropped. Actually I haven’t had any sales at all. Gigs aren’t making as many impressions as they used to, although I recently tried optimizing them, and also there aren’t many buyer requests for this category either. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?

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Yes I do!..

Hi Fiverr,

Ever since I took part in your Fiverr Updates making feedback to the new features you’ve added in the site… I NEVER have any client anymore with my gig. For many days (more than a month now) nobody is ordering my gig anymore… WHAT HAPPENED? I kept checking my account back if there’s anyone who wanted my sketches (there use to be a lot) but nada… nothing on my To Do list. I think it was bad luck to have made a positive feedback on your new features considering I now have nothing to do at all. NOW I finally get something in my inbox from Fiverr… It says:


You are receiving this email because you have gigs listed on Fiverr and we noticed that you did not visit your account lately.

To keep your gigs listed on Fiverr, please click here. This is made to insure that buyers will not order services from inactive sellers.


The Fiverr Team

Guys, I'm glad that I use to have clients around the world who likes to pay for my talent and I was able to because of your Fiverr Gigs... But I really do not know what happened now... Care to tell us about it... I'd be happy.
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