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How do you add your gig to the "Halloween" gig section?


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So since Halloween is coming pretty darn soon, I made a Halloween gig.

Then today I realized there was a “Halloween” gig section at the website top page,

so I clicked to see if my gig was there,but unfortunately it wasn’t.

I added “halloween” as a tag when I created the gig, but I guess that wasn’t enough to have your gig

placed in the Halloween section?

Does anybody know how to get it there? :-/

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i got an email from fiverr. You can view:

"This holiday season, make your Gigs® stand out with some extra promotion from the Fiverr® team! We’re gearing up for an exciting holiday campaign and we want to give you a chance to be part of it.

In order to participate, your holiday-themed Gig® should:

Include “For the Holidays” in the title of your Gig

Be uploaded and available by October 30th

Offer guaranteed delivery for the Gig, including physical items, by Christmas or the relevant holiday

Include 24-hour delivery option made available for digital services. This is optional but will increase the likelihood of your sales

If you’re unsure, here’s a fun fact: 20 to 40 percent of yearly sales for small businesses takes place within the last two months of the year!

So, what are you waiting for?! Our Editorial team will be keeping their eyes peeled for your Gig. If your Gig is chosen for the campaign, you’ll get a special Holiday badge to help you stand out in this busy season! "

Hope it will help you!

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