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Halloween gig


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So it’s October.

I was so busy with work the past several weeks I actually didn’t realize that we are already

half-way into to the month…which means Halloween is almost here!

I decided to create a Halloween gig, I hope I’m not too late for it 😛

Have any of you guys created a gig, just for Halloween?

I know that Halloween is big in the states ( and for some odd reason we are kinda-sorta

starting to celebrate it in Japan too…) , but how is it in other countries??

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For Christmas and Valentines day I remember seeing a special category

for gigs geared towards those events, but I don’t think I have seen one for

Halloween. I guess Halloween isn’t that popular in other countries???

I posted my new gig up after multiple errors ( and pulling my hair out a few times…),

I hope I get some orders.

If you do create a Halloween gig, good luck tinywoodstudio, and kjblynx,

I’ll be making something Christmas for sure, good luck to all of us 😃

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