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Doesn't want to pay for the logo


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I’m having a problem with one of my orders. The buyer has requested several changes to the order which I’ve completed. Everything was fine until I sent the final edit with my usual watermark. The client said he wanted to see the picture without the watermark, although I’d been sending all the other images edits with the watermark and he had no problem. In fact the said the order was great and he loved it.

I sent the image with a highly lessened watermark, as I’d been working on the order for over 48hrs. Since then he has requested more changes and will not respond to my emails since I sent the last edit. I’ve not had no problems with all my other buyers, but I believe this buyer simply wanted to get my design and then cancel the order. I do not want a negative review simply because he does not want to pay. What can I do?

I found that some of the orders were incomplete but four and active should I just deliver it and deal with it later when I get a bad review? what should I do?

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