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  1. Beautiful illustration at the start of the post! Who is the author?
  2. Yes, that's correct. Also if you want to still add variations with a single color - you need to include this single color shape in the file, on top of the gradient. Then you will be able to recolor it. And when you want a variation with a gradient - you make this shape 100% transparent to show the gradient underneath it.
  3. Gradients can't be recolored in the editor, but they can be uploaded. So can upload a logo with a gradient, you just will be stuck with a single gradient option. Sometimes it's worth it.
  4. I got so used to the new dashboard that it's hard to remember how the life was before it. I really love it and appreciate it every day.
  5. I wonder what that is also! A similar thing happened to a bunch of my logos. They had a low but steady level of impressions and then one day it all went to zero. And that's on the logos that are just 3 months old, with plenty of clicks and favorites, some of them even with a sale or two. I assumed that that was the harsh reality of the market competition. If they are not performing well enough they get demoted. But, if there is some way to fix that and give them another chance - I would love to know it.
  6. Awesome additions! Been waiting for some of those for a long time. Thank you!
  7. Awesome, thank you! Just last week I was looking for Pest control one. Re-tagging my logos now.
  8. Thank you for featuring my logos! And thanks for the new keywords - always appreciate this info.
  9. Awesome! Glad that you've added the new category. I've had a couple of relevant logos, but used to tag them "Alternative medecine" in lack of a better category. I'll re-tag them now.
  10. Recent activity just went live on my dashboard - it's awesome, super addicting 🙂 Now I am trying my best to stop checking if there are new favorited logos every couple of hours 🙂
  11. I was lucky to get access to the new dashboard a bit earlier. And I am loving it! It's absolutely an improvement over the previous one. My favourite thing about it is all the statistics that we get now. I spend a lot of time analysing them to make decisions about my future logos. I've been waiting for something like that for years. And the new navigation is a super welcome improvement. Previously it took minutes to get to the bottom of my logo stack, so at some point I just stopped revisiting them. If you are planning improvements in the future, here are a couple of suggestions that I have. - Move the navigation bar to the top of the page, above the logo list. And make it possible to choose a large default amount of logos shown on a page (or just show 48 by default). When I am uploading large batches of new logos, getting to each of them takes a lot of clicks which seem really unnecessary. - I use the "my logos" page much much often then the Overview page, so I would prefer if the interface would default to it. Although I expect the overview page to get more useful with all of the features that you are planning. - The stats are great, but they are of limited usefulness. If it's possible, I would love to see more. I expected CR to be the most useful one. But it's kind of broken. I mean it works as intended, probably, but I see no way to get useful data from it. It's seems to be clicks divided by orders, so It's dominated by logos that got a single sale (or two sales max) on a small amount of clicks. These are one-time successes, which obviously aren't more representative then logos that got multiple sales, but those have also much more clicks, so they get drowned out. In the end I have to do the math myself, and most probably miss something. The ones that I look the most at are Favorites and Clicks. I think the ratio of Clicks to Favorites would be the most useful for me, without the introduction of the new data. Or, view to clicks would also be awesome. The Earnings stat is kind of useful. But, it is dominated by the logos that were on a site for a long time and simply had more time to perform well. If I made a good-performing new logo it would take a lot of time before I could see it when sorting by this stat. And the views/impressions stat is so separated from faves and sales, that I can't use it to make decisions. My best viewed logos have thousand time more views that the others, with virtually no improvement in sales and faves. So I've started to think that this stat just isn't useful for me. I try a lot of different approaches in my logos. The ideal stat that I really want to see, that would help shape my decisions would be "Logos that are performing better then the rest". Week-to-week to maybe Month-to-month. Compared ideally to other logos in this category, but also it would be useful if compared to all of my other logos. This way I could see what works and what doesn't. Right now I don't see a stat that reliably shows that.
  12. Wow, I didn't know that. Thank you! Tons of clients from the Logo Maker service contact me. I've been impressed with how well this system works.
  13. Those designs in the examples get better and better each time. Inspiring stuff!
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