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What Buyers Are Searching For (+ Ultimately Buying) #5

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Hey, designers! The logo team is back with the latest insights into what buyers are looking for, ultimately buying, and how to best use this information to generate more sales. Use this list to update search terms and logo supply, and create more sale opportunities.

Take a look at our latest discoveries for a boost of inspiration!

Note: The brand names mentioned below have been modified for confidentiality.


Buyer #1

What They Briefed:

Name: Jewels Jewelry

Slogan: The Land Of Jewelry

Industries: Jewelry, Jewelry Store

Tags:  Diamond, Jewelry

Notes: The buyer changed the black brand name to match the color of the design and the slogan

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by mandrrew


Buyer #2

What They Briefed:

Name: Jen’s 40th Birthday

Slogan: Blackout on Vodka

Industries:  Event Planning

Tags: Champagne

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by gobliiins


Buyer #3

What They Briefed:

Name: Droning Experts

Slogan: Giving Your Farm the Advantage

Industry: Agriculture

Tags: Spray Drone, Hill, Hills

Notes: The buyer enlarged the design and changed the slogan color to red to match the logo.

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by umuarus

Buyer #4

What They Briefed:

Name: I Eat Therefore I Am

Slogan: Eat Good Be Good

Industry: Food and Beverage

Tags: (Empty)

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by umuarus


Buyer #5

What They Briefed:

Name: Waterlake Acupuncture

Slogan: Waterlake Minisota

Industry: Acupuncture

Tags: Nature, Lake Life, Water, Paddle

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by lara1984

Buyer #6

What They Briefed:

Name: Alternative Practitioner

Slogan: Christopher

Industries: Medical And Health Education, Alternative Medicine, Health Care Services

Tags: Heart, Flower, Tree, People, Love, Chakren, Sun

Designed By Abdelghniennya

Notes: Buyer switched the font to Amatic SC, shifted the brand name to the top, and rounded it.

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by abdelghniennya


Buyer #7

What They Briefed:

Name: Tj Inspires

Slogan: Making Memories

Industries: Art And Design, Animals And Pets, Fashion And Apparel

Tags: Dog, Sun, Neutral, Decor, Beige, Style, Light, Nature, Craft, Frenchie

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by alonda


Buyer #8

What They Briefed:

Name: Screen Play

Slogan: (Empty)

Industries: Media and Entertainment Blog Or Channel, Film, TV

Tags: Film, Camera 

Notes: The buyer went with a different set of three colors for the top bar.

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by mrmouselogo


Buyer #9

What They Briefed:

Name: Screen Play

Slogan: (Empty)

Industries: Business Storage, Outdoor Recreation

Tags: caravan, boat, RV, motorhome

Notes: The buyer completely switched up the color palette

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by gunawanguan


Buyer #10

What They Briefed:

Name: Nut & Log

Slogan: Chewy Peanut Logs

Industry: Baked Goods Stores

Tags: Nut, Pretty Classy, Circle Around

What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by dearprudence888


What's your take on this glimpse into the buyer's journey? Any insights or industries you're curious to delve deeper into? Share your thoughts in the comments—we're all ears!

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