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How to get spotted when new on Fiverr?



Hi all! 

I'm new here as a seller, setup my very first gig last night! 

I'm a backend programmer and I don't have much of a portfolio at the moment, I worked my way through the ranks in my day job to become a programmer so never needed a portfolio for that and I've only just recently started working on personal projects/freelancing. My personal projects/freelancing work will be added to my portfolio as and when they're done but I cannot add the work I've done in my day job as it's all very secretive.

Until I've got more of a portfolio to show off, what can I do to bring people to my gig and get more clicks? I've put my price very low as it is understandable that without a portfolio, many people would be dubious about hiring me. That being said I feel like if I can get traffic on my gig then I can find someone who will at least give me a chance to strut my stuff as it were. 

Anyone got any ideas? 

tl;dr - how do I market myself as a good backend programmer on a cold start with no portfolio? 

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Add portfolio as soon as possible.

Before adding portfolio:

-Create more gig by using top keywords

-use attractive images

-share gigs on social media

-be active as much as possible

- be professional 

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