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Protecting Against Scam PDF Deliveries



Hi All!

I design large format graphics. The best file type for my business is vector PDF or AI files. However, when I deliver files, my customers can download the PDF's without accepting the delivery. They could technically take the files, cancel the order and I would lose the business while they have the files they should have paid me for. I was hoping  the watermarks fiverr applies work, but they only put water marks on JPG's TIFF's PNG's and other similar formats. Yes, its against fiverr's terms of service for a buyer to do that, but no system is in place, stopping sleezy buyers from taking my work and not paying me. Not to mention this also hurts my ratings. Often, my customers download the files, don't hit 'accept' and they never get the prompt to give me a review...

It would also be frustrating to deliver Screenshots with the *quote* "delivery' and then they are just screenshots and my customers have to reach out to me to get the actual files for delivery? What happens if I'm unavailable for a client in a different time zone and I can't give them their files. This seems so backwards to me. The more I work on fiverr, the more up work seems like the better site....I reached out to support for recommendations and of course they have not responded in over 48 hours. 

Any tips on how to protect yourself but give the clients a good experience when delivering PDF's?

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