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Addressing Differences Observed in Ratings

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We are aware that some sellers have noticed differences in the rating they see versus what is shown to customers in the marketplace. We know it might be concerning to see your rating shifting or decreasing. It is important for us to clarify that as part of our recent release, we are improving the rating system to make it more reliable. These changes are designed to make sure that Gigs’ ratings are more diverse and reflect the quality of service at stake.

With the new version, we apply a calculation that takes different buyer surveys and ratings into account. During the test period, buyers and sellers will see different numbers of ratings. We aim to understand what calculation brings more conversions to your end, to make sure the transition to the new level system is as smooth as possible. Once the test period is over, your rating will appear as the same for both sellers and buyers.

For more information on the test, please refer to our initial post here

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