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How many Gigs?



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In my opinion, if you're a level 0 seller, then 6 or 7 active gigs would likely get more orders on average than 1 or 2 active gigs (7 might be the best).

It seems that way but only Fiverr could say for sure as they're the only ones who will have that data. Though for very new sellers they'll only be able to have 4 active gigs for level 0, so 4 is probably the best for them. Though it will probably depend on the individual seller which is actually best for them and their skills.

Maybe it's different when you get to other levels (eg. for some sellers it might be better to reduce the number of active gigs once you know which gigs are your best ones (eg. if you want to concentrate on just the ones that really help the most with earnings). It might also depend on price. Also the quality of the gigs will also be important (eg. a smaller number of very high quality gigs might be better than a higher number of lower quality ones).

Though since Fiverr has started reducing the amount of gigs automatically shown on profiles (and reducing the amount allowed for levels 0 & 2) that might start affecting things. Though having more active gigs should increase the chance of one of your gigs being found in the search. And the fact that Fiverr allows more active gigs in the TRS level than level 1 (though now no more in level 2 - which is strange), it must show that there is a benefit to having more active gigs - or that there can be.

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