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About the extra care about the sellers

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Due to the extra care and prompt support towards the clients, many of the clients are taking advantage of that and also they are now threatening the seller to get the job without paying.

We are the sellers we know how many consequences we have to face if a Buyer reports Fiverr. But for the Fiverr support bias, this is now an unfavorable environment to work honestly in Fiverr.

I have done all the job as per his requirements and also I have done the job as I offered. Also, I have done Zoom meetings multiple times with him and the job is sorted as well.

Yesterday a client suddenly came to me and told me to cancel the order otherwise he would report to Fiverr support.

He didn't give me any modifications he didn't give me any changes directly threatening me to cancel the order.

Fiverr is always concerned with a favourable environment but is this a Favourable Environment?


He will use them for his business as he got them already and also he will do the same things with other sellers and make the Fiverr marketplace more unfavorable to work. 


Please maintain equality in any situation. Giving advantages and biased decisions is not good. 

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Well, try talking to the support, but even though it's not very uplifting to say, you don't have much of a chance there. If the client doesn't want to pay, you can only cut your losses. They used to say they (meaning Fiverr Support) will cancel the order without any effect on your profile, but most recent events on Fiverr proved that wrong. So, need to better screen clients for the future, I suppose. Maybe try your luck somewhere else.

It's very easy to get work done for free on Fiverr, if you're hiring. 

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