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Seeking Advice: No Orders Yet on Fiverr - Experienced Graphic Designer in Need of Guidance

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Hello Fiverr Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek some advice and guidance from fellow freelancers here. Despite having a strong background as a freelance graphic designer and offering a variety of services through my Fiverr gigs, I have yet to receive a single order.

I have put a lot of effort into creating and optimizing my gigs, ensuring they showcase my skills and expertise. However, the lack of orders has been a bit disheartening, and I am eager to understand if there are any aspects of my profile or gigs that might be hindering my success.

Here are a few key points about my Fiverr profile:

I have over 3+ years of experience in graphic design.
I offer a range of services, including photo manipulation, color grade, custom designs, and so on..
My gig descriptions are detailed, and I've included relevant samples of my work.
I am open to constructive criticism and ready to make any necessary improvements.
If any experienced Fiverr sellers could share their insights or provide tips on how to boost visibility and attract potential clients, I would be immensely grateful. Whether it's about optimizing keywords, adjusting gig pricing, or any other strategies that have worked for you, your advice could make a significant difference in my Fiverr journey.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from the supportive Fiverr community.

Best regards,

Mhd Bilal

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Hey there @mhd_bilal_ and welcome to our amazing Community!


We can see that you are very eager to start receiving orders which is great. Know that you came to the right place. The Forum is full of great suggestions and helpful advice. Please know that starting anew as a freelancer can be challenging at times, but please be patient and don't give up. It is a very competitive field and you have to find a way to stand out. We believe that we can help you do that by offering a few useful links. 

Since you’re just getting started, we recommend that you check out our free Fiverr Learn course.

The Forum is full of information and great discussions. As a new member, we recommend that you read through some of the previous posts made, as they have lots of valuable insights that will help you get started. If you would like to ask the community for suggestions on your Gig, please post in the Gig Advice section. 

Here are a few that I recommend for new freelancers:

Good luck! 🍀 

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