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Why my Gig is not ranking? Please Guide me


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29 minutes ago, gnunaid said:

After seeing gig >> there are really many things that need to improve if you want to get the spotlight or attract more customers/visitors
Working on the gig image, gig description, and gig keywords really is important, I would definitely recommend seeing other gigs relevant to your services might get a better idea on this!


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You have a gig called "I will resume and CV writer" and a gig called "I will proofread your documents and assignments in few hours".

Since you have a gig for proofreading and checking grammar, couldn't you check if there's anything that could be improved in the "I will resume and CV writer" gig title? 

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Hello! Experts and top rated sellers 

see my New Gig https://www.fiverr.com/s/wX0l0q 

i have total 12 impression and No clicks So

If you have some valuable suggestions and advice to gain high performance of my Gig then kindly suggest me what changings and improvements should be carried out ?


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Your gig title should be corrected. It has writing errors. "I will..." what ? You need a verb. The order of the words is incorrect. It is something that drives away buyers instantly. Especially when they see that the description is AI-generated.

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Expertise and best sellers!

i am user if fiver since February 2023.

i didn't get any order at past gigs so i created new one.

here is my new gig 


i put very simple discription and detail.

i am expert in my field but due to not ranking of gig i am not getting any order ...if you have some tips and advise for me kindly help me 

Regard : junaidii

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