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Seller's and buyer's experience on Fiverr

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Hello everyone, I hope you're all on a path of continuous growth and learning!

I wanted to share an idea that could potentially enhance the experience for both sellers and buyers on @Fiverr. What if Fiverr were to prioritize transparency between sellers and buyers even more? I've encountered situations where buyers receive their deliveries but remain silent, without accepting the order or providing any feedback, even though they're online. To address this, I propose the introduction of a 'Quick Tip/Did You Know?' section on the order page/other pages, offering valuable insights to both buyers and sellers:

  1. Did You Know?: Sellers only receive payment once the order is accepted. Furthermore, there is a 7 or 14-day payment clearance period during which sellers have to wait to receive their earnings in their Fiverr account or bank account. This information might encourage buyers to consider the time and effort sellers put into their work and prompt more timely responses.

  2. Quick Tip: Consider being open and thorough with your project requirements. Providing all necessary information upfront can lead to better outcomes and save time for both parties involved. We could place a prominent pop-up message above the order requirements section to remind buyers of this important step.

  3. Quick Tip: Don't hesitate to ask questions. Communication is key to building better relationships between sellers and buyers, and it benefits both sides. Encouraging questions can foster more productive collaborations and avoidance of any order cancellation.

These tips and suggestions aim to create a more transparent and mutually beneficial environment for all users on Fiverr. Your thoughts and feedback on these ideas are highly appreciated. Let's continue to learn and grow together on this platform!

Best regards,

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The first one is unprofessional, in my opinion. It's not the buyer's responsibility to make sure we get paid more quickly. We serve them, not the other way around.

The second two are things that a seller can include in their order requirements or other communication. We're responsible for getting thorough information from our buyers, and inviting them to ask questions is part of that.

I personally don't like Fiverr taking more control of my communication with buyers. They did that with the three basic questions on some gigs already, which make my order page look rather generic and imprecise.

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I appreciate your perspective melanielm, and I completely understand your point of view. It's indeed essential to maintain a professional and client-centric approach on Fiverr. Let me clarify a few points:

  1. First Suggestion: It's imperative for sellers to inform buyers about the payment process to enhance mutual understanding, not to imply any shift of responsibility however it doesn't apply to some clients because they come up with a very straight Vision.

  2. Second Two Suggestions: I concur, that it is the duty of sellers to collect comprehensive information and foster open channels of communication proactively.

  3. Fiverr's Control Over Communication: The intention is to provide valuable guidance, not to impede communication. Sellers retain the liberty to tailor their interactions while benefiting from optional suggestions.

    Thanks 🙂

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