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Add optional location fields to briefs

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Please add an optional field to the brief feature for location. I’ve had several briefs come through since the feature was introduced where the potential buyer is looking for on site services.

I live in London and received a brief for shooting a video in Sydney. Obviously looking at this is a waste of my time and anyone else’s that received the same notification. Weirdly, the person that made the request is my cousin who moved there a decade ago. Small world!

Anyway, it would be also very useful to have an option to reject a brief based on specific geographical requirements from the buyer.

I know this isn’t the biggest issue as I can just reject any briefs that come through like this, but I would estimate that maybe 20 to 25% of the briefs I reject are done so on the basis of location. If this kind of thing is happening, across-the-board, then that’s a significant thing for Fiverr to address


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