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Fiverr is ready for a great opportunity for sellers, Its time to rock on fiverr!

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Hi all sellers,

This is Yasir a seller who start the journey of fiverr from 2020. On that time my expectations on fiverr was very low and i was not motivated from fiverr as compare to other freelancing platforms. But now era is changed and fiverr decided to give a lot of amazing opportunities to sellers whether they are new sellers or old. Let me tell you what i found good in this timeline with fiverr.

Promote New Sellers:

Now fiverr promote new sellers very much and give a chance to new sellers to showcase there gigs on very first page with top rated freelancers. And there is no restriction of time they give you full chance to grow up.

Give seller plus option:

Fiverr introduce a seller plus badge for sellers who want to see more stats of buyer and focus on good buyers. and In this way a seller can also prepare there self according to each countries restrictions and explain to the buyers what is available for there country and what is not. Because sometimes one product or technology is available for one country but other country banned it. And in this opinion your payment will be clear in 7 days instead of 14 days.

Decrease the criteria of being top rated seller:

Now fiverr introduce a new and very good restriction for sellers they decrease the reach of 20,000$ earning to 10,000$. Now anyone who completed 100 orders and earn 10,000$ can apply for top rated badge. According to my point of view it is a very great step by fiverr. In this way people can proceed faster to achieve there goal otherwise most of the youngers were not motivated to be a top rated person. And i feel this is the good step by fiverr to promote the sellers too.

Advance Clearance :

If you are a trusty seller and fiverr feel you cannot cheat them they give you an exiting opportunity of advance payment you can take advace from $1000 to so on depend on your account level. and you can payback according to there timeline.  

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This blog is for new sellers because only they can feel the happiness of early payout.

Basically fiverr offer a good opportunity to there sellers about early payout and this is only for those who work with loyalty and hard work on fiverr. Because fiverr algorithm automatically check who is a good person for there platform. 

In attach image there are 2 type of icons show in early payout section first one is green that indicate we can take the amount and the other one is grey that mean a person is eligible to take early payment but not for this order and the reason is those orders automatically clear. 

Those order which automatically clear indicate that the buyer and seller are not synced with each other that's why the order automatically clear. Moreover regarding the early payout i personally get that badge on level 2 maybe you will get it before time. Its all depend on your hard work and return to fiverr.



Screenshot (5).png

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As a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, you've reached a significant milestone in your freelancing journey. One of the benefits that comes with this status is the opportunity to receive advance payments for your services. Here's how it works:

1. Achieving Level 2 Status: To be eligible for this feature, you must first achieve Level 2 seller status on Fiverr. This typically involves consistently delivering high-quality work, maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, and meeting certain performance criteria set by Fiverr.

2. Advance Payment Option: Once you've attained Level 2 status, you'll gain access to the advance payment option. This feature allows you to request partial payment from your clients before you start working on their projects. It provides a level of financial security and can be a valuable tool for managing your cash flow.

3. Communicate with Clients: When a potential client contacts you for a project, you can discuss the terms of the advance payment with them. Be clear about the percentage of the total project cost you'd like to receive upfront.

4. Enhancing Financial Security: The advance payment option enhances and resolve financial problems of a user who require some payment urgent and can pay in milestones to fiverr.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 8.07.20 PM.png

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 A great opportunity for fiverr community. Now you can get advance payment from fiverr on easy installment they will help you when noone is there for your help and they will deduct from your upcoming orders.

According to my observations in this era when noone help you financially Fiverr take a good stance to help there community. As a freelancer fiverr give this opportunity to me when i was on level 2 and they provide me upto 3500$ cash load from them without giving any depth level details.


Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 4.35.03 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 4.35.34 PM.png

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