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7,000+ sold club - questions


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It will be interesting to share ideas with “big hitters” and for other people to find out what they are doing. Let’s see below:

1). How long did it take you to hit 7,000+ completed orders?

2). What would you say the percentage of repeat customers is?

3). Did your account eventually hit TRS or still Level 2?

4). What did you do with the funds?

5). Do you advertise anywhere, if so… where/what do you do?

6). Did you use any of the money to buy stuff on Fiverr; if so how much, and what?

7). How well does your “Gig Extras” do?

Curiosity… 😉

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(1) Just about 3 years.

(2) About 40%.

(3) Never hit TRS, but been L2 for quite some time.

(4) Purchased a lot of office supplies lol.

(5) I regularly create YouTube videos that point back to my fiverr profile. I have also teamed up with other SEO/Marketing people and create affiliate links in their ebooks etc…

(6) Yep… about $6,000 worth. A lot of Voice Overs, Video Intro’s, other marketing stuff

(7) Extremely well… I average about $17 per sale.

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