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How to rank Fiverr Gig?



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31 minutes ago, sajalmitu9 said:

hi ,brother,first you social media marketing, second you active fiverr,  third you give time fiverr forum,  fourth ypur skill develop and wait vai wait....

Hi @sajalmitu9, Staying active or being online does not help you at all. Try to know how Fiverr works.

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@sajalmitu9, There are several things wrong with your response:

10 minutes ago, sajalmitu9 said:

social media marketing

While social media marketing can increase traffic to your gig, it won't increase your visibility in search because impressions are based on how you appear in search (and social media traffic goes straight to your gig). Social media traffic can increase your visibility in search if they convert to orders.

16 minutes ago, sajalmitu9 said:

second you active fiverr

Simply being active doesn't get you orders. And if you're trying to be online all the time, that's extremely unhealthy. All you need is the Fiver app to notify you if a buyer messages you so that you can respond to those buyer messages.

21 minutes ago, sajalmitu9 said:

third you give time fiverr forum

Being active on the forum doesn't help you get orders. If anything, it takes away valuable time that you could be spending on your business. @mariashtelle1 conducted a survey on how many sellers got orders from the forum and the results are shown here (84.62% never do):


26 minutes ago, sajalmitu9 said:

fourth ypur skill develop and wait vai wait

Yes, it's good to develop your skills but hopefully, you are selling skills that you are already good at. You should be developing your portfolio so that potential buyers can see what you can do.

Waiting and waiting isn't a good thing to do because other sellers will be actively working on improving their gigs, portfolio, packaging, and pricing to cater to the buyers who are searching for your services. "Waiting" implies that you have done all that you can do and you aren't doing anything more. The truth is, business is dynamic. If you aren't adapting to the market, you will fall behind.

On 4/25/2023 at 5:57 PM, zmemon3666 said:

How to rank my Fiverr Gig on first page?

Just now, hh_rana said:

Try to know how Fiverr works.

It's useless to think about gig rankings and being on the first page because that's not how Fiverr works. Fiverr works by matching buyers to sellers, so search results are unique for each buyer (so what you see in search isn't what your buyer sees). Here are a few articles to help you understand how Fiverr works:







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