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Introduction | Looking for Social Media Managers or Sellers that work with clients with Social Media Accounts!


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Hey everyone,

what a great feeling to be invited to this community! I wanted to kick it off with a short introduction here and a potential collaboration opportunity for some of you in related areas!

My Name is Tom, I'm a TRS on Fiverr for close to a year now and on Fiverr for 2 1/2 years. During this time, my business partner and I managed to complete more than 3500 Orders on Fiverr and work with great people across the globe! We are offering Social Data Analytics for Social Media profiles, especially Instagram and basically providing insights on your audience that you won't get anywhere else for the most part.

To give this more value than just an introduction, I would love to connect with you if you're working with Buyers that have a Social Media Account as well and would love to learn more about their audience and insights and how they can improve their account, reach and growth from a very analytical perspective. Vice versa, we have a lot of Clients that are looking for other services and I would love to recommend them to you!

Message me directly here or on Fiverr and let's connect and make some great deals! 🙂

Best to you all from Hamburg, Germany


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