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How can I get a order?



I opened the account on 2nd January and  Gig publish on 7th January. I prepared six Gigs but could not publish more than one Gig due to not passing in English test. Impressions are very few and don't get clicks at all.. What can I do in such a situation? Share the experiences of the experienced. After how long did you receive the first order? 

here is my profile...


please suggest me in your valuable experience.....



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Learning to search through the forum is the best way to learn how to improve your gig, stats, orders, etc on Fiverr.
Since the same questions are posted every single day and hundreds of people have spent hundreds of hours answering them. 


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Data entry is an oversaturated category, and it can be difficult to get orders there.

And if your profile was created in January 2023 but you claim in your profile description that you have been working on this platform since 2020, that looks very, very suspicious.

Using a cartoon instead of a profile picture doesn't make you look more trustworthy, either.

Neither does using a random photo of a blonde woman on your gig image when you're a Bangladeshi man.

Your gig description is repetitive. You are using it for keyword stuffing instead of enticing buyers.

I see nothing in your profile or gig that would convince anyone to buy from you instead of hiring one of your tens of thousands of competitors.

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