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Violation of terms and policies..



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Hi @saqib_ag_07

All you needed to do was modify your gig following the three steps listed in your screenshot.

You didn't need to delete the gig and you shouldn't deactivate your account and start a new one.

It would have been helpful if you found out why your gig was denied so you could prevent this from happening in the future.

Right now the best thing to do is contact Customer Support and ask them to help you with your issue.

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49 minutes ago, saqib_ag_07 said:

Should i deactivate my account and make new one??

Do you really think that you wouldn’t receive a warning with a new account after opening the same gig there? 🤷‍♀️ 
Did you check what was the violation for? Did you modify your gig like fiverr suggested? 

It’s not an official warning and it will not affect you as long as you modify your gig 

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