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Shipping actual items


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Hi fellow Fiverr’s

I might be choosing the wrong forum to post this, if so, please accept my apology.

I recently discovered Fiverr and I am now, both a buyer and seller here.

It appears that most of the Seller’s gigs (completed work) on Fiverr are delivered back to the Buyer via the internet.

While this suits most of the Sellers here, what about the Sellers that has a GIG which requires sending a physical product, creation, etc. to the Buyer via the postal service?

What protection does the Seller have from a “Buyer” simply stating that they didn’t receive it or it must have been lost in the mail? Shipping something certified only adds to the cost of your gig which can be a turn-off for most buyers.

I’d be interested to know!

Thanks in advance for your input



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I’ve been mailing my gigs on Fiverr for a little over a year. None of my about 200 packages have been completely lost; they all found their way to their destinations, and 2 with incorrect addresses came back to me safely. I use first class mail. Fiverr suggests buying tracking, however the first class mail is given an ID number which can be used as a tracking number on the USPS website. For international, the customs form number also works as a tracking number. Not all countries offer online tracking, but some such as Canada do.

All my buyers have been outstanding. Every single one. I’m sure there’s a risk that someone will claim to have not received an order, but you can easily confirm that with either tracking or the ID number tracking, which indicates actual delivery to the address.

Good luck~

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Geez, that’s a shame. I’ve always known there’s a chance something like that could happen, but like I said above, so far, so good! All my customers have been great, even at those rare times that a problem came up. One even gave me a tip even though I made a mistake on the address, prolonging her getting the package. She ended up so happy with her item that she ordered another right away, then gave me a tip with that order! I was sure I’d earned a thumb’s down!

@bearbuckets My best advice is good communication and customer service~ I like to believe it must be harder to steal from someone who has been really nice and responsive, however it’s not 100% foolproof, as shown by what happened to @madmoo.

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