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How to rank your gig?


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On 12/12/2022 at 12:35 PM, zeesan_design said:


Everyone I just joined that platform and want to know that how to rank my gig again..

as I was level one seller before 15th of November I lost my badge because I couldn't maintain statistics but my Gig was also d-ranked

so what you people suggest me to do?

Thank You

Regards: Zeesan


How can I rank my gig to the first page of Fiverr?

The fastest gig happens where there is less competition.


Other wise, the place where you are working, according to the competition, a gig s also made accordingly and the chances of ranking are more or less depending on the type of score.


If you fulfill all the requirements according to the way gig is made, then The chances of getting the rank of vulture are very high.


Higher the competition, lesser are the chances of getting ranked.


And the less the competition, the more are the chances to rank.

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