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Not much success on Fiverr...


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8 minutes ago, hmagoon said:

I haven't had much success on Fiverr. although I respond to most buyer requests.. how do I increase my chances of success. I am not into graphic design and all the similar cool stuff

Hi @hmagoon! I'm also not into the graphic design and all the cool stuff. So I find your gigs (with procurement and buying) fun. 😊

I also did a lot of work in the supply chain as a food scientist, so it was a struggle to find a good way to market myself on Fiverr's platform (food science and supply chain roles aren't really in high demand here on Fiverr). The key is to capitalize on your transferrable skills and apply them to more in-demand services. Once I figured that out, it was much easier to make money on the platform. You can read more on how to do this here:


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