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I recently join on Fiverr and Create Gig


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I am an experienced digital marketer with a special focus on Google Analytics and GA4-enhanced e-commerce tracking with GTM. I have worked with numerous clients to implement and optimize their tracking solutions to gain valuable insights into their customer behavior. I have extensive experience with Google Tag Manager, including creating and maintaining tags, triggers, and variables. I have also implemented Google Analytics and GA4 tracking for e-commerce websites.

My Service Includes:

Set up Google analytics & Google tag manager

Set up Enhanced e-commerce tracking

install the code on your website.

EEC(Enhanced E-commerce Tracking) Trigger Setup for UA and GA4

Set up E-commerce Goals and Funnel for your store

Site Search Setup

Set up Google AdWords e-commerce conversions

Set up Google ads Remarketing tags

Set up AdWords remarketing audiences

Why choose me:

5 years of-Experience & Full-time freelancer

️Customer 100% satisfaction guarantee

️Experience with setting up and configuring GA and GTM

️Knowledge of GA & GA4 enhanced e-commerce tracking

️️Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript

️Excellent communication and problem-solving skills


Please contact me before ordering. If you have

Enhanced eCommerce Trackin  fiverr gig image.jpg

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2 hours ago, rabiulislaam said:

Please contact me before ordering.

We, here on this forum, are not your target customers. We will not be hiring you. Find the exact people who do need your services, and convince THEM to hire you. Please target your promotional efforts, otherwise, they are useless and will not result in orders.

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Welcome to Fiverr, Rabiul!

I just checked out your description of web analytics gig and it looks fine. I hope that with your skills you will be able to attract lots of clients.

Note that we are not the people who will hire you. You will not find your buyers here. You need to find the right people who need your services. It's important to only promote to the right people.

Keep up the great work and best of luck!

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