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Going abroad for some time and need information



Hi, I am going abroad for medical purposes and i am confused about Fiverr. When i will land on abroad i have to take new Simcard for running Fiverr. My question is if i use that sim for 4/5 days just for internet purposes is that ok?  Because my current sim will not be working when i will be abroad and so i can't verify my account. So if i use that sim without verification and just use the sim for internet only, will that be ok?

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19 hours ago, mdabdullah14251 said:

Yes, you can use new sim card only for using internet purpose. But, make sure you won't be able to use multiple accounts with that same sim card. If you have any doubt then you can contact Fiverr customer service center.



5 hours ago, olyasr said:

According to my experience, before pandemic started, I traveled a lot, and there was days when in the morning I open my Fiverr account from one country, and in the evening I was in another country, and everything was completely file



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