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17 hours ago, ahsankhn said:

Hi, i'm a new seller please, help me. how can i get my first order as a web developer on fiverr?

Hi @ahsankhn, that first order is always the hardest, but it can be done. Focus on making your gigs appeal to your target customers and niche down so you aren't competing against every other web developer out there.

You have 3 years of experience (and over 100 projects as a front-end developer), so show off your portfolio! Utilize everything you have - put gig videos up on all your gigs, add gallery images and PDFs to showcase your skills. I think your skills would speak more than the incentives that you have listed on your gigs. I would get rid of those:

  • up to 50% discount on First Meet
  • 100% satisfactory (you can't satisfy everyone)
  • 100% response (this should be a given)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (this makes buyers question why they would need to get their money back ...don't make them doubt your quality)
  • Unlimited Revisions (this will cause you a lot of headaches)
  • Free Support (don't work for free!)
  • Free Fix Problems (don't work for free!)

In your first gig, capitalize "i" in "is your website performing well?" There are quite a few errors in your profile and gigs, so please proofread all the text so it is perfect. You state you are "fluent" English, so buyers will hold you to a high standard.

In your 4th gig, you state "What YOU WILL PROVIDE ME" --> "What I need from you." Also, this statement looks desperate:


I never give up Before Making Clients Fully Satisfied. So if You Want, You can Hire me comfortably. If you think me a perfect candidate, Inbox me before placing an order. I will Provide custom offer as per your requirements and budget.

You only need to tell them to message you if they have questions or they would like a custom quote. 

You might also want to take full advantage of the FAQ sections of each gig to cross-link the gigs to each to each other, and to answer any questions your buyers might have.

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