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16 minutes ago, ri_pro said:

It's been 4 months now. Sometimes I even forget I have fivver. No orders. No nothing. I have edited made changes several times. But nothing is working out 

I have a 'tip' or at least an idea on what you can do (though not sure it'd truly help with sales. Depends on you.)

Search up similar gigs like yours in the marketplace - maybe even check the page where your stuff is. Look at the gigs - don't click, just look.

They.. often look exactly the same, right? 

From a buyer's perspective, quite honestly, 9 out of logo gigs look the same. Many look like they were made with templates from canva (or other free sites) and weren't actually designed by a pro (well, they were, I guess, but not by the person selling them.) Some tweaks here and there, sure, but the bases are the same.

I'm not saying your logos are the same - but your images sure are.

If you TRULY are a designer and as creative as you claim yourself to be, what's stopping you from making images that stand out?

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