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Hi @danishajaib - Welcome to the forum! 😊

Here's my two cents:

  1. You have a lot of grammatical errors in your bio and gig descriptions, so I suggest that you proofread and fix these errors (especially capitalization and punctuation). You might also want to change your language level from "Fluent" to "Conversational." Conversational level is perfectly fine. If you say you're fluent, then you will be held to a high standard and may be judged for you errors.
  2. You have many great reviews and clean gig images. You might want to add gig videos because that increases engagement - it's also something I don't see many of your competitors doing, so it might make you stand out more.
  3. Remove "Satisfaction 100%," "Unlimited revisions," and "Lifetime service." This is only asking for trouble.
  4. Change "Fluency in English" to "Great Communication"
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1 minute ago, danishajaib said:

really thankful for your detailed review. i also lost my exposure 2 years ago. can you help me in overcome this de-ranked status?

It doesn't matter how long ago you lost your "status" - you can build and grow your business from this point on. Focus on getting orders and keeping your customers happy because that will help you gain visibility in search again. If you can't get the orders organically try to get it through other means - buyer requests, buyer briefs, or advertising it to those you know who may need your services.

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