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Sketchy messages/requests from a fiverr business client


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I was recently contacted by a buyer who has the blue "Fiverr Business Client" tag. However, his account has no pfp, 0 reviews, and was created in July 2022 (the current month). 

He's asking for a sampled beat from me, but included very suspicious sounding background context about a large business deal proposition, referring to it as a "contractable agreement" (See attatched screenshots). I explained that I'd be happy to work on an order from my gig for him to start off, because I'm not gonna work outside of fiverr after just meeting him.

He's now asking for a sample prior to even making an order, and requesting that I lower my prices ($25 is my highest bundle, so already very low).

This obviously screams scam to me, but my only hesitation comes from the "Business Client" tag that he has. After further investigation about fiverr business users, I noticed that they are monitored and regulated which wouldn't make sense that he is verified as one. 

I'm wondering if I should just ignore/report this guy or if he is somehow reputable. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 5.20.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 5.20.32 PM.png

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1- you are not supposed to share the buyers names here in the forum if I'm not wrong

2- seems like you've been cutting out parts of the conversation which make it confusing to follow up.

3- clients that promise future works, that they know this and that, that father went to school with god knows who, sounds pretty childish and unprofessional in my opinion...the more they brag around about things the less you should take them into consideration. Honestly! No professional client come out with all those bullsh*ts. Just a strategy to make you lower the price!

4- " Lower the price right quick..." I would have already left the chat! He's disrespecting you even before starting to work together! And it's not about lowering the price is his attitude and the way he's asking! 

For me it's a NO client, regardless the fiverr business, but you do you! 

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