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Need lead generation tips on Fiverr!


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16 hours ago, gaurishukla814 said:

I am new to Fiverr, any tips or suggestions to get leads? 

So you are asking how to "get leads", and the title of your gig is literally "I will create email copies that sell let me be your "lead generation" writer."

I think that @imagination7413 was being a little polite but I'll ask, don't you think it is a bit dishonest to try to charge people money for something that you clearly don't know how to do? Maybe you should make a gig for a skill that you actually have, such as writing fiction.






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7 hours ago, leads_hunterr said:

You didn't mention ,What kind of tips you want ?  Is this on about Lead generation or lead generation gig on fiverr?

Yes, OP did state what kind of tips. They're a writer, who's looking into leads. It's just that OP specializes in writing the messages sent to leads, not in finding the leads.

I'll admit my earlier reply was a bit facetious, but still true. Even if the OP doesn't know much about lead generation, writing the messages sent to leads would imply they understand tailoring to a 'target market', which is, again, more than most newcomers know.

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On 7/14/2022 at 1:54 AM, gaurishukla814 said:

any tips or suggestions to get leads?

don't let the out-of-context replies ruin your day. 

Fiverr works on a platform model. you get views or impressions that your gig may or may not convert into sales or leads. so the answer would be to target your gig towards the buyers you want to work with! 

the articles in help center are more than enough to help you create the best gig on 5r. 

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