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How can I get an order soon?



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Adding good quality images, description to get buyer's attention is necessary. But you have no recommendation. You need to send 10 buyer Requests. But you will still face the same problem. Buyer will not respond because you did not have recommendations/ reviews. 


Create a portfolio site and showcase your practice work and previous work. So, the buyer can trust you.

Read carefully with a short time and respond quickly. You need to describe the buyer problem/ project shortly with 2-3 line.

If you not getting order, don't waste time. It's very important time for you. Improve your skill. 

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On 1/14/2022 at 4:46 PM, jonbaas said:

I've been a buyer.... This would not make me hire you, because it is impersonal, generic, and doesn't sound like the words of someone who truly wants to HELP me. Never use a blanket template. Buyers usually ignor the cut-and-paste seller offers. 


18 hours ago, sifatkabir22 said:

i am also new. i am created accout 2 month. but i am not get any order. i also 5 gig make. but i am try my bset i get frist order.. 


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Please wait some days. If you complete your gig optimizing, then send 10 offers every day. Another thing, after sending the offers, you have to be active in online for the next 6 hours. Except this, try to be active in  online most of the time and do social media marketing. I didn't get any orders still now. I created my account one year ago but made a gig in March, 2022. So, I am also waiting. 

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