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Don't Break The Law! GDPR for Freelancers


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All businesses, including us freelancers, have to make sure we protect our clients data. Maybe you haven't thought of it before, but as a freelancer on Fiverr, you might deal with lots of information that could require you to take action in regards to the privacy laws like GDPR. 

Full disclosure: I'm not a lawyer or legal professional, nor am I an expert on GDPR! These are simply tips based on my experience and advice I've received in the past, that have helped me form a stronger defence when it comes to data safety. 

You most likely work with some form of personal data

What type of information you deal with depends on your niche here on Fiverr. GDPR is about more than just hitting "I understand" on those annoying cookie banners you see everywhere online. 

We are, in fact, a small business when freelancing, so the privacy laws applies to us as well. The consequences of violating GDPR can be enormous. We're talking fines, loss of reputation and legal action taken against you. 

You're not really protected by or covered by Fiverr's Privacy Policy as a seller on Fiverr. 

Here's what Fiverr has to say about the information that is shared with third parties (like you) on the platform:

TL;DR: Information you give to anyone else on Fiverr, including sellers, is controlled by that seller. You are required to keep this information confidential, and Fiverr puts this responsibility on each buyer/seller. 

"When you publish your information and/or share your data with other Fiverr users, you do so at your own risk. If you choose to share personal information with other users, including Sellers providing you a service via Fiverr, such personal information is shared with other users as separate controllers. While Fiverr our Terms of Service require Sellers to keep the information shared with them confidential, Fiverr cannot ensure that all users will do so and it is your responsibility to ensure that other users will comply with your standards."

Source: Fiverr's Privacy Policy

Here are a few things you need to think of when taking care of privacy: 

  • Delete all client data you don't need when an order is finished. This could be documents, files and so on from a project that you save locally or in your cloud. The files that remain will be the ones shared on Fiverr, and we'll get to how you protect those in a minute. 
  • Ensure you have updated anti-virus software and firewall on all devices used for work. 
  • Keep your devices protected with passwords and encryption. 
  • And most important: keep your Fiverr account safe! That means using a strong password, changing it regularly, and using two-factor authentication on your Fiverr account, Paypal account, Payoneer account and e-mail linked to your Fiverr account. 

In addition to this, follow the basic principles of GDPR, and you should be good. 

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency: Only use data about your client when you have the legal right to do so, do it fairly, and be open about how you're using it. 
  • Purpose limitation: Limit your use of and recording of data to what's absolutely necessary. 
  • Accuracy: Keep the data clean and accurate. 
  • Storage limitation: Store data securely, preferably encrypted and behind safe passwords. Limit the data as much as possible. 
  • Integrity and confidentiality: Take every step you can within reason to keep data safe and secure. That means not leaving your iPad unlocked on the living room table with access to files when you have folks around – including family. If it gets stolen, the responsibility lies with you if the information on the device gets hacked, abused or leaked. 
  • Accountability: Document what you're doing to keep data safe. 

Remember: this is a simplification of everything! It's your responsibility to know the laws in your country and to abide by regulations like GDPR when necessary.

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This rankz your gig by connecting the uber firewall directly to your brainz. This feeds the algorithm a banana every 24 hours, but only if you stay online all the time. 😄 

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My gig was going well before and my work was also going well, he reported on me in the process of taking an order, its result can not be that you keep me behind! I agree I was wrong  I apologize for that, please forgive that mistake and bring my gig back in the same condition, I have high hopes from you, thank you very much

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