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It's not going well!


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Hello everyone, I started about 5 days ago and not getting much traffic to my gigs, please help!


Any suggestions are appreciated, here are my gigs:

https://www.fiverr.com/share/2yvPpN -> Business Consulting Gig

https://www.fiverr.com/share/QDQBr2 -> Residential Real Estate Investing Gig

https://www.fiverr.com/share/05VYEA -> Sales Roleplaying Gig

https://www.fiverr.com/share/2yvPQN -> Listen to your personal challenge Gig -> this one gets significantly higher Impression than the rest


I am still at 0 sales.

Thank you again!


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Hi! I think you'd better redo the whole thing.

 Change the format of the preview. Change the description, use important words and text tools. 

Of course it's great that your photo is there, but it's better to combine your photo and one of your works.  16:9 would be very nice.  Choose an official photo of you.
Complete the PDF document. Show certificates or finished projects.

Use social media to promote yourself. Order a promotional video.

Good Luck! )


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New User Introductions!

This category is for new users to introduce themselves, tell where they are from and what they do. 

Posting your Fiverr links is not allowed in this category.

It is Improve My Gig if you want help and My Fiverr Gigs to advertise. (links allowed)

This is your first post.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! 🙂

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Forum administrators have now moved your topic to the correct category.

8 hours ago, chrisnguyen said:

Any suggestions are appreciated, here are my gigs:

Suggest you check out the competition in each of your categories re pricing, as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.


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1 hour ago, inowml said:

and one of your works


1 hour ago, inowml said:

Show certificates or finished projects.

Definitely that. You're asking for a lot of trust from people. It's hard for total strangers to just believe that you've achieved great things based on your saying it. Don't tell, show if you can (of course, ask the companies you've worked with, if you may name them, or publish a PDF with some sample work you've done for them, first). Or even make mock-ups of what people can expect when they order, so they have more of a visual pointer.

I also noticed the "price is based on 5% of your projected..." Is that really a thing on Fiverr? I think it might put people off, Fiverr is more a fixed prices thing, as far as I'm aware.

Another thing that caught my eye, is that your account is from 2012, nothing wrong with that, but for a seller account, it looks a bit out of place with 0 orders/reviews. Perhaps it could be good to briefly mention it in your bio, stating that you made an account in 2012 but only now got around to actually setting it up, or something.

Lastly, maybe pause that last Gig, maybe also the sales roleplaying one, for a while, to see what happens. Even if gets more impressions, those don't really help if they don't convert to clicks and orders.

I think you might generally profit from thinking through who exactly you want to appeal to most, and focusing on that. Businesses generally, plus real estate as a niche might work, but I think the personal challenge Gig might rather hinder than help, at least for starting out. 

Or you could focus on that one and set up another Gig or two to complement it, depending. You can pause and unpause Gigs, so you can try out a few things (within your new seller limit of 7, I think, Gigs, of course).

Well, I hope that maybe some of that helps, but 5 days isn't exactly long, too, so it may all be fine as it is and you might get orders soon even without changes. In any case, welcome to the forum, and good luck!

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