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What to do if gig impressions decrease?



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12 hours ago, muhsinmillat said:

Please ,,anyone tell me,How to increase my gig impresion.

The only way to increase your gig impression is order. When you will get orders then your gig will rank and you will get a lot of impressions.
if your gig getting a lot amount of impressions but not getting clicks, then you should work on your gig image. Create a professional gig image and only change it when you have order. ONCE you have order change the gig complete the order and get 5 star review. If you don't do that and change the gig image then definitely your gig impression will goes down.....

You can ask my gig impression is not good, I am not getting clicks then how can I get orders and rank?
There is a simple answer, First step is marketing, write content according to your dream buyers needs, like what you do, how can you help your customers, and more valuable articles, Then post them only the places, groups, where your dream buyer hanging out.

YOU should also need to be active on social media, specially on Quora,
Second step is proper buyer request sending which will greatly help you to get orders.
Finally step is to stay motivated, never give up, try again and again and grow 🙂

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