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5 star gig but just 2 orders in months...

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Hi everyone! I am a Level-2 seller with an all time 5-star rating. It's been 4 months that I have seen a drastic drop in the frequency of my orders. I just thought that it might be because of new year break/ spring break but then it never happened last year. I don't know if this is some algorithm shuffle or just my bad phase but want to know if someone else is in the same boat too?

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5 star reviews can influence buyers to place an order, because thay feel that you are a skilled seller. But how do you get an order if your GIG does not rank or does not appear in the search results? So, try to place your GIG in the top 8. Hope you get more orders. One more thing that, try to write interesting headlines. It attracts buyer attention. Also send buyer request continuously. This is more important to get more orders.

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