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  1. Hello, Fiverr forum. I'm a Virtual Assistant. My gig basic is 30 posts for 30 USD. One client order me for posting SEO related post. I agree and going to post daily. After 1 day later she gave a Doc file with lots of requirements. She wants to maintain her template, font size, I'll be reading her blog site daily, and ready a summary with carousel posts. Also hashtags research. For her one post, I need more than 2 hours per day. This is not possible for me. If she told me before placing the order I didn't agree with her. But she didn't give me any condition before. And I do not agree with her job with 30 post 30USD, it's hard work and needs lots of time. How can I handle this situation, pls give me a solution?
  2. Hello, everyone! I want to know your opinion about gig marketing. Someone says this way is right, someone says that way is right. If we share our opinion about gig marketing, I think this is helpful for us. or, Marketing is helpful for gig ranking or not? If the answer is "YES". What is technique do you follow? I think LinkedIn & Instagram are the best for this. 🔅What is your opinion?
  3. You are right. As a seller, we face lots of problem from all sides. They seems that all mistakes are ours.
  4. Yes! got my first tip from USA client....so happy.... pray for me.
  5. You can marketing your gig in LinkedIn. I think it's get you a better result then other social media.
  6. Welcome to our family & I'll pray for your success. wish you all the best.😊
  7. Thank for sharing your experience, that's why sometimes new seller lost their ID and their moral power. If a buyer get all benefits, I've no problem but we're also a part of Fiverr. Why we are not any chance for protect my ID?
  8. @uk_webcreations listen, I don't know why you are angry with the Bangladeshi seller? If someone tries to do something through Fiverr, what's the problem? In this pandemic situation I guess, nobody left their job, they're fired on their job. And point to be noted, I didn't talk about any seller. I talk to the wrong marketing process, now, some seller through a job on "Buyer Request" site wants to increase their impression & clicks that's why it's hard to find a original client. I talked about this topic. If you've any suggestion...most welcome but you've no right to humiliates others.
  9. Hello everyone, could you tell me anyone how can I search a original buyer? This is too much! some seller wants to promote their account in a bad technique. I think It's horrible for a seller. How can we get the solution?
  10. Obviously talk to the support center, of course, 'll damage your analytics went down drastically.
  11. Just active here all time & engage yourself with post, comments, like etc.
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