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My Order is completed but money is not showing in pending clearance


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Have anyone faced this issue? The order is complete and rated with 5 stars, he gave me a tip as well but the problem is tip amount is appearing in pending clearance but order amount is not there. It's been 12 hours, I have contacted customer, they are saying we have sent your request to concerning department. 

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6 hours ago, umairmushtaq0 said:

My amount has appeared in pending clearance section after 4 days! Thankfully!


3 hours ago, piashbarmon said:

Please check Earning and order section carefully 


6 minutes ago, nure_haffsa said:

It can happen sometimes bro. just wait patiently . it is in queue mayb. it will be cleared dont worry.

This has been solved!

Always read the previous replies before posting!

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