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how do i get my 1st order?


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Provide a unique service, promote your gig on social media, create a portfolio, join groups that are related to your niche, start at a low price. The gig image or video is the buyer’s first impression, so if you can make it eye-catchy and smoothly, the probability of receiving an order increases directly. Attempt to be extraordinary and straightforward in your gig description.
Good luck! 🙂

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  • Check buyer requests - you may get your first order here
  • Share your gig on social media
  • Check gig descriptions of others in your field - notice what works and use these ideas to refine your gig (but don't copy!)
  • Make sure you have a good gig image
  • Start with a low price in order to get some orders (you can always raise the price later on )
  • Remember; once you have a couple of positive reviews people will be much more likely to order from you
  • Complete a Fiverr test to show any skills you have

Hope this helps! Best of luck, Rosebarlow

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