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GIG De-Ranking

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30 minutes ago, whiteboard_007 said:

you can try to be online as much as you can that will help boost your ranking

Don't share false ideas like this, people might actually believe it. 

Staying online doesn't give you orders, doesn't rank you high. It just wastes your time.

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Just now, vivi123 said:

be on line rank or not ? what things rank your gig ?

Working hard, delivering a great experience to customers, going overboard with the customer service. That's what ranks. 

Where's my million dollars for sharing secrets?

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2 hours ago, vivi123 said:

I want to know the secreto to rank.. Donnovan, please..

Poeple that have been here for a while have some ideas. But no one really knows a secret to ranking. Just go through trial and error. Try out stuff, see how it works and then go from there..

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