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Just now, craig_pe said:

who give you the right to judge a book by its cover?

You've just joined Fiverr as a freelancer. EVERYONE who sees your profile is going to be judging you. That's a part of what freelancing is, making a good first impression in attempts to get people to hire you to provide your services.

Fiverr grades Sellers on several factors, including communication. If you have poor communication skills, and are providing a service that requires said skills to succeed, then you're not likely to get very far.

Your profile states 'IOS developer'. I know programing language is different from spoken languages, but that first impression? I see sloppy. Plus you're now on the forums asking about W-9s, implying you didn't even run a basic Google search.

It's not about 'rights' to judge, it's what humans do, especially in a (HIGHLY competitive) business environment.


That said, I'll take off the 'business' hat, and answer your question.

Yes. If you are a Seller in the United States, you are required to fill out the W-9 form for tax purposes.

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You are right. I was wrong. I'm sorry. That was indeed rude of me. I have no excuse, only the explanation that I was having a bad day and spoke without thinking. 

1 hour ago, craig_pe said:

when I need to fill out the W-9 form before or after I finish  my GiG.

Fiverr states:


1 . Who has to go through the W-9 process?
All sellers on Fiverr - both existing and new - will have to declare if they are a US person. If so, they will have to go through the W-9 process. Filling in a W-9 is a legal requirement for US persons.

2. What happens if I don't complete the process?
Sellers that are US persons and fail to complete the W-9 process in 30 days will have their Gigs paused. You will be able to reactivate your Gigs as needed, to allow you to fill in your W-9.

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011135837-W-9-Collection?segment=seller

So, the time limit isn't stated to be related to whether you've published a gig or not, but instead seems to be tied to when you started taking steps to become a Seller.

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