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Buyer want me to implement copyrighted design



hi i have a question, i have a buyer, we still in dicussion and not starting a job yet. here the thing, i am a software developers, i build web based software for many thing. when its come to design since i am not a designer i gave my client 2 choice, you can search professional designer or use my existing free design. this buyer want me create a sfotware with design that did not owned by him. i tell to him you need to purchase from the deisgner because that would be problem if we use somebody else design without purchase their work. to be honest, i can implement design just by looking on screenshot, but i am a man of honor, we cant do that, we need to appreciate the designer by buying his design (even if i am not a designer , i know how it feel if someone stole a design and use at their product without permission). i already told the client to buy the design from the legitimate designer but seem he keep sending me link of the real designer to start work just by look at it, i also already told him that you need to purchase from the designer if you want legally used their design. but seem he doesnt want to.. so i dodge to from him by saying that the file is blurry and i cant work without real resource file like PSD file. 

my question is, what if i report him to the fiverr, can i avoid him, since he seem doesnt want to purchase from the designer and simply want me to applied it without purchasing. if i block him, did it affect my profile.  i cannot work with something like that.... 
PS : he took the design from behance.net and so actually he can contact the designer and purchase it,  but seem he doesnt want to...  and he is a V.I.D also

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hi thank for the advice, i will note that for future... after i try to convince the buyer, there a Plot twist on this.

apparently the designer and my buyer is a brother (boom... how on earth can i know about it 😅😅😅 ). so i contact the designer my self and he confirm it :), so he is ok with using his design on his brother product... LOL. no wonder he could easily said that the designer will be ok if we use the design.

so case closed :). thanks everyone 🙂

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