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  1. oh that seem a solution, okey let me tell him. maybe we extends the timeline, so its not look like a mess. since its gonna took a long time for the client to get the health back. thank for advice.
  2. hi everyone, i had to ask, hope someone can answer. currently i have an order. its good and client love the work and already delivered. client ask me want make some change. and thats ok. but here the problem, client ask me to not deliver the revision because currently he is in quarantine because he got covid - 19. off course if i deliver right now, it will auto accept by fiverr, after 2 days if customer not response, but i dont think that polite. since my client need atleast 2 week to recover, is that ok if my current order is in revision state until he recover (2 weeks) ?. is that gonna affect my rate ? he is good client, we have been work on 4 order. i dont want put him down. thanks in advance...
  3. That’s the whole point. You should not work expecting the payment (Its basically you working for free, as you can’t predict the future). That’s not how Fiverr works. Even in ongoing orders when we ask to add extra, some buyers say that they’ll add it as a tip. but you have to avoid those situations, because you need to take the payment in prior doing any work. You need to be in control of what you’re offering and doing. You should not trust buyers, every buyer is a stranger unless you had few orders at past, so be polite and ask about the payment before working. If they say no, just hang up. Its as easy as that. If you really want to show a work, you may ask to order a $5, so you can show your work but without source code or some restriction. (I said this if you really need to, you should not do this too). This is not you giving him a previous work you’ve done. You’re doing something for that particular buyer, which needs to have a gig ordered regardless of the situation. Hope this helps. 🌚 yes brother, thank very much. good thing is , the one that i offer actually a web based software, he want demo then i gave him a demo on free webhosting but he did not get any source code. since now i block him, then he also can’t do anything with those free webhost. and will be expired next month.
  4. thanks everyone , i block him already. you were right, i owe him nothing, since he did not purchase any gigs of mine, good thing is my gig was about programming, so he can only take look on the demo web that i gave to him (just simple web free webhost that work as demo). he did not get the source code. so he cannot do anything with those demo website 🙂 i only loss my time and effort, next time i will try to be smart.
  5. You should read Fiverr terms of services. Do not work for FREE, regardless of the circumstance. You’re here not to prove your skill or abilities. If someone wants your work, ask them to place an order. They’re already backed by money back guarantee If they don’t like the work you deliver. while you will guarantee a warning on your account for doing work for free if you ever get reported to Fiverr by a person you did free work for. As this happened already go ahead with the @mariashtelle1’s suggestion. Make sure not to make him angry at you. yes brother, i actually did not work for free, he promise to pay me, but he want to see my work first. because he got a problem with previous seller (i did not know was that true or just made up). so i show my work first, but seem @j6nyc6 was right. he is maybe a swindler. my gigs is about software development all source code and everything still in my hand. but i gave him demo and he want other changes.
  6. yeah man. at first he siad he want pay me, but he want to see my work first. so i do it, hope he take look and loved it. but seem you were right, he is a swindler.
  7. It is. If you still want to write with them you can send a polite message like “I will send you shortly a custom offer for the work that have been done and for the changes you requested, it will include x revisions etc and we can proceed with changes and our order after that. If he doesn’t accept then you can say that unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to work on that anymore. However in my opinion that person showing a lot of red flags and it will be better for you to just block him as the order with him might turn out even bigger nightmare ok thank you, i took your advice, thanks madam…
  8. so its fine to ignore or block him right 🙂 . i just try to be polite.
  9. my gig was building a kiosk web system. i already make the base system, user also could select and place order on restaurant system as well. i also already put the menu database. all still on my personal web host. so he did not get any source code or resource only demo. but he asked me change and change and even gave me deadine. is that ok if i block him ?? and if he report me , is that gonna affect my level ??
  10. I would send him a custom offer to cover the amount of work he wants you to do tho"fix" the free work he has already. If he says no, immediately block him. if i block him and he did report me on fiverr quality service, was that would make my level down ?? or its okay, since he did not purchase any gigs.
  11. hi everyone, is there anyone there that have same problem as mine. here the thing. back 3 month ago, i have a buyer (which is actually not buyer yet), he ask me to do a work but he don’t want to purchase any gig because he already got problem with other seller. because feel sorry for him, then i do the job without any gigs first (to gain his trust on fiverr back). i did the job without gigs, and then show him my work. and i hope he loved it and purchase gig on my fiverr and have trust on fiverr back. but he said my job was not good enough, and decide to use another seller. i feel down, but its okay, beside he already got bad experience on fiverr (with other seller), so i did not ask him any gigs. it’s okay. suddenly he ask me back to make change to the work that i already did before (and again without purchasing any gigs, he want to see my work first), so tell to him that you said my job was not good enough and want to find another seller. he said sorry , now he want my work (i dont know if there any other seller for the job what i did, or its about price with other seller too high). because i still hope he purchase my gigs someday, then i did the change he asked. now here the real problem, without purchasing any gigs, he ask me for change, update, and even gave me a deadine. i already have another client that pay me big but want to do fast, off couse i prioritize my new client that already purchase and re order several time. especially with big payment right. what should i do ? i ask him to purchase my gig he refuse. if he report me to fiverr quality service, was that affect my level. since he did not even purchase any gigs from me. is that okay if ignored his chat ?? thanks in advanced…
  12. thanks everyone, finally he agree to return all the money back, including 20% that took by fiverr, yeah use my own money for that. he asked me to work with him again, but i am tired with him, so i abandon and not talk to him any longer. i said i got another project.
  13. for first phase, its only a webs system that provide sell ebook. off course i agree i thought itw work like google newsfeed or any magazine seller website. so when you referred someone to come and buy to those website you got a bonus, like you who promote fiverr on web you got a bonus right. when its come to develop the payment system, with paystack integration, the paystack reject it because its seem like scheme (i still have the conversation, thanks god i still saved it, its been 2 years ago). on that moment i decide to step aside, because what i have been developed actually will used against the law. i also offer him full refund, even fiverr cut 20%, i gonna refund it all in 100% full. but usually fiverr only buyer centric, is that so how can i do that ? sorry i never have this experience before, my other client are happy and gave me 5 stars.
  14. hi is there anyone get problem like mine, here the thing. i work for someone 2 years back. everything good, and he gave me 5 stars , twice actually, he ask me to build web information system. and i already done it, finally for the next phase, i have been realized that their bussiness process actually ponzee (you know ponzee, some money game that fool everyone arround with trash ebook and its illegal), he used paystack as basic payment system and even the paystack already reject his website, because its illegal. so i decided to step aside. i also offer him 100% money back, but he dont want it, he want me to finnish the system. in this case i get dificult option, if i continue his work, its illegal. if not, he report me to fiverr customer care (and this aready 2 years back, i believe another seller dont want continue illegal system ) . is there any suggestion about this, because he threaten me to report to fiverr customer care. or did anybody have same issue like me, please share… thanks in advance.
  15. hi is there anyone have problem as mine. i have service to build web cart or web shoping cart for my customer, usualy my customer want to integrate with online payment system. like paypal, authorize, mollie etc. my question is everytime i type those word, a ToS came out. it is just me or anybody else. i did not ask my customer to pay outside fiverr i just ask what online payment they want to integrate to their system. because its online shopping cart.
  16. oh i dont’ mind wake up at middle of the night, its actually dead night right now :D, i even can keep woke up till morning, since its i want it to be my full time job. and because of my availability, my customer love me. imagine you have a business, that run by my software, all the data up there, including your employee salary , bonus , etc and suddenly at the time of payday, you system crash, you know what you gonna do, contact the programmer asap or there will be a several employee got demonstrate. i even make hospital information system for a doctor who have to save the medical record of the patient. then suddenly all the system get down and he cannot access their medical record. what would happen ? contact the programmer off course. usually it just simple mistake like, accidently change the settings, hard drive full of cache or simply network or web host not yet paid. let jsut hope some one make it happen, loud and clear like call notification. not just simple ping or beep.
  17. i gave him warranty for 1 weeks. and yes at the in 4 days, my customer made mistake by faulty set wrong setting. and he was nearly fire by his boss. luckily i woke up that moment. imagine little bing or ping will not wake me up when i have a deep sleep. perhaps , all i ask actually just big boom or vibrate phone and sound loudly. just like simple fake call like whatsapps to wake me up. for other freelancer maybe it was no need at all, but for me, since i was programmer that create my customer business information system. halt system for only 1 hour mean loss a bunch of money. and yes, most of them love me because i was available when crucial time happens. i even rejected when my customer ask to pay outside fiverr, i respect it, but also need to keep my customer feel save.
  18. i know it but the problem actually, supposed the error happen, and i still sleep, if it just ping or something like that, then i will not wake up. again its crucial software that handle customer business process.
  19. i personally don’t like to share my contact in fiverr customer, because it againts fiverr rule. but sometime i need to share my contact to my customer because i gave them warranty about error that might happen suddenly. my gig was about web development, sometime after system run well, in some case their web suddenly off. it can be many thing, like storage has been full, wrong database connection. since it was information system, then i must fix those asap. i ever have client that nearly fire by his boss, if he cannot fix the issued in 1 hours, luckily i still wake up and still being check my fiverr account. imagine if i am not checking my phone, my customer would be fired. in that case, phone and personal contact was needed and crucial. except fiverr gave their android apps and microsoft store apps ability to contact or calling like whatsapp or telegram so in any case, if we need to fix asap, then it doesn’t need personal contacts.
  20. hi fiverr. i think it will be great if fiverr have apps in windows store. i know we can used fiverr in windows browser, but sometime we got annoying if we closed the tab by accident. we need good apps, like notification apps that only for fiverr. fiverr have many freelancers there why not hire one of the freelancer to make this happen 🙂 . RIght ???
  21. yeah me too mate, that was annoying and took a lot of effort just for see the last chat
  22. i have suggestion for fiverr, i personally love fiverr, it’s good, honest and very exciting platform, only one thing that actually i have an issued. it’s about the chat system. we know that fiverr doesn’t want we contact our customer outside fiverr ! that’s good , and i have no problem with that. but the problem was the chat system it self. the chat message so poor feature. we cannot reply spesific chat, i mean look whats app, we can reply at certain chat right. some time we got confuse (me and my client), because i don’t know which one that my client want to reply. the chat system not automatic reload. to be honest a big system could be have many docs and discussion. when i got reply from my client it only appear on the right bottom , some time they also send me a pic (which is not load in the notification). so to open the message, i must click or reload the chat. it really took a time, especially if my client have slow internet connection. also in android, i open the chat on fiverr, my client reply me, it appear on android notification, but at the chat it self, it did not reload. so i need to close the apps, and click the android notification, and re open fiverr. that was anoying. and bad. could you please make it like whats app or facebook chat. that can do auto reload. the last but not least, i have chat with my client closely a month, it,s a lot chat, sometime i just want to see the last 10 or even the last one chat. to see that, i must reload and the whole page, and the chat will appear at the very bottom. why not stack it like email. that better. i must do scroll long scroll to see the last pages. and that make will make me took a time to reply. please give excellent chat feature, because you did not want us do chat outside the system right… Thanks in advance.
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