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I Don't even receive messages and new orders anymore


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Hello everyone😁

I'm a level 2 seller, and I've always had constant sales on the platform, however, in the last few months, I simply don't even receive messages and new orders!
and I can't promote at the moment, cause I don't have money.  I would like to know what I can do about it, because fiverr is my only source of income. 😔
I sell illustrations! Some examples!



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Really sad news and I also happened with me. I have completed all requirements for Top level seller and also done 700+ order with 640- 5str review but suddenly my all gigs were disable from promotion and my rank gig were not found in search so now in this time I have no work regularly. Only my old clients are given work now. 

I have contacted it with fiverr team many times but they told all things were ok on their end. So I am now hopeless and waiting for the solution. 😪



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Hi I checked your gig and profile, you are from Brazil too. What beautiful work 🙂 Is strange that you are facing this situation, once that you has 5 stars in all your orders.

@loubacklavoura @carpicsediting  What could be happen is that the Private Survey is affecting you. The Buyers can fill two surveys, one public that appears on your profile, and a private survey that has much more impact in your performance. My advice is that you keep doing a amazing work and improve your communication with your buyers to make then always happy with their orders, and suggest to them do leave a review (You can ask for review, *but you can't say to them leave 5 stars!)

Also send the available 10 offers each day in the "Buyer Request Page" this will help you to get some orders and hopefully you will get back to better positions on Fiverr.

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