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How can I send a effective buyer request?


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Step 1. Be sure to choose wisely who to send buyer request to. You have limited number of requests you can make. And some buyers are scammers or just looking for the cheapest option.

If they're asking for a very difficult work and only want to pay $5 or $10. Just leave them alone. They're not worth it.

Step 2. Make sure you can ACTUALLY do the thing they are asking for. Sending off a request to a job that you are not qualified to do can get you reported by the buyer and in trouble with Fiverr.

Step 3. List out the reasons to the buyer why you are qualified to do this thing, your experience level, and how much you would charge for the project. Also make sure to read their request thoroughly, sometimes buyers will hide a word or phrase and only respond to people who read well and follow the instructions.

Step 4. Don't take it to heart when you don't get a response from buyers. Sometimes they only put requests out so they can get the price of something or at other times they may be curious. (Lord knows I've done that so many times myself)

Just have fun with it and be patient. Stay true to your authentic self and you will eventually get an accepted request and be very very successful in your endeavours!

Good luck and God bless! 

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