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Fiverr for film festivals.


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Hi I am already working 3 years on Fiverr as an animator. I made uncountable amount of projects for different buyers. So I came with the suggestion-offer (coming from my practice) for the Fiverr's "Character Animation" topic.

What if:

We-animators have a chance to take part in animation festivals with the fiverr support? For example it can be some fiverr's promotion or even investment into new ideas coming right out from this platform.

How it should work:

Fiverr invests into an potential talent idea-scenario-script for the actual movie project(maybe short  - festival format). It actually can be made through some custom order directly from Fiverr. For that Fiverr can hire a professional supervisor - film maker(someone famous-talented: Disney , Netflix , etc...), for the quality control (fixes , etc...). After order approve and mutual agreement , Fiverr promotes those footage in international film festivals for animation.

Companies will be crazy for new talents, so it can be a huge push for the cinema  infrastructure here on Fiverr.

What do you think? 🙂

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