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I don't get buyer request why?


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1 hour ago, prodesigner44 said:

i am level 2 seller

No, you're not. Profile clearly shows Level 1 with 13 reviews, and that you've been on Fiverr since 2020.

You should already know that sometimes there are no BRs, that sometimes the ones that do show are unrelated to your gigs, and that the number of gigs you have active doesn't matter when it comes to what BRs are shown (it's the gig categories).


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There is no gig "rank." Where your gig appears on the search pages is fluid, which means it constantly changes depending on what the buyer searches for.

To do well on Fiverr you need to sell a product that is in demand. Beyond that you should have excellent gig images which you do not. 

Read what Fiverr advises concerning gig images here: ⬇️ 


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